Acts of Love

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Charlie Brown, Lucy, and Linus at sunrise.

Charlie Brown, Lucy, and Linus at sunrise

To my dear pack-mates Lucy, Linus, and Charlie Brown on Valentines Day,

I love:

  • That you are ecstatic when I come home
  • That you are so happy to see me that you like to rub your blondeness against my black pant legs
  • That you use me for a pillow and keep me warm when you snuggle
  • That you use my pillow when I’m not home
  • That you are excited to see me each morning
  • That you are so excited to see me each morning that you begin to chirp at 4:30 a.m.
  • That you are up for any adventure
  • That you think when I have to go to the bathroom is an adventure
  • That you are always by my side
  • That you lie down in obstacle course formation on the kitchen floor when I am cooking
  • That you help with the dishes and vacuuming
  • That occasionally you leave a mess for me to clean
  • That you love me, always

I love my Lucy

I love my Linus

I love my Charlie Brown

Happy Valentines Day!




Lab Partners

Luna and Huck

Luna and Huck

Waitsfield, Vermont. With Lisa Davis, Luna (black lab), and Huck (yellow lab).

RS_Lisadavis_Huck_IMG_2066Huck Reinhold, who’s named after the mountain climber, is my husband’s dog. [My husband Josh and I] were introduced after we both had lost our labs. And shortly later I adopted Luna. Then a friend had bred his two pets and wanted to give Josh a dog. We consider Huck a rescue because we don’t know where he might have ended up if Josh hadn’t taken him for free.

Luna is from Lab Rescue. I got her when she was 18 months to 2 years old. Her name is Luna Juno because the movie “Juno” was out at the time.

She picked me. I went in to pick up a foster dog, and Luna had just come into Lab Rescue. She jumped up on the counter and introduced herself to me, and I said “I’m taking her.” I wasn’t even sure I was ready to take a dog yet.

She has been a vigilant mother to our son since he was born. She sleeps in his room. He went straight from a crib to a full-size bed otherwise he would have had to share a toddler bed with a lab. She sleeps with him every night.

I assumed that Huck’s namesake is Reinhold Messner, a mountaineer, adventurer, and author who is perhaps best known for making the first ascent of Mount Everest without supplemental oxygen (with Peter Habeler)

Lisa Davis is the Executive Director of the Mad River Valley Chamber of Commerce. Thank you, Lisa, for participating!


A Muse’d

Hutch admires the scene at the Great Vermont Plein Air Paint-Out.

Hutch admires his mom’s work at the Great Vermont Plein Air Paint-Out.

Waitsfield, Vermont. With Catherine Elliott: Hutch is a true artist’s dog. He is an English Labrador. Goes with me everywhere to painting events. His father is an international award winning show dog, but we just love his sweet temperament and good nature.



To see his mom’s artwork visit:

Author’s notes: Last weekend, I was on assignment at the Vermont Festival of the Art’s “Plein Air” Paint-Out where I met Hutch and his person, Connecticut artist Catherine Elliott. Hutch immediately became a much-adored paint-out mascot! He didn’t seem to mind sharing the role with Mabel and Jenny, the McTigue sisters’ cats who live at Bridge Street’s All Things Bright & Beautiful.

What’s a “plein air” paint-out, you ask? It’s an event where artists gather to paint outside, in the open air, then show and sell their fresh work. If you missed the paint-out, check the Facebook page of the Valley Arts Foundation for my photo album.

Paint-Out spectators came in all sizes. I didn’t photograph every dog, but here’s a gallery of my three favorites:

If you have a comment or would like to contact, please use the form, below:

Summer Visitors


LeRoy & Pearl, with Zoe

Waitsfield, Vermont.  At the offices of The Valley Reporter last week, the regular “office assistants” LeRoy Brown, Pearl Bailey, and Roxi were joined by two distinguished guests, Zoe, a black lab, and Marleaux, a yellow lab.  Human staffers served as pet sitters while Zoe’s and Marleaux’s families were away. From all accounts, the guests were perfect, but the news of the day was a little hairy…

My apologies if I am not spelling “Marleaux” correctly – my source was uncertain the exact spelling, only to tell me that it wasn’t “Marley” and that it is spelled with an “x” in it somewhere.  Upon research, “Marleaux” is a French family name, and also the name of a handcrafted bass guitar company in Germany. Perhaps there’s a musician in Marleaux’s family? He sure is a sweet dog!

Zoe is part of the Utter family, and I have been told that her singular thought is food.

All-star line-up

All-star line-up


June & Nina outside the Festival Gallery in Waitsfield

June Anderson & Nina take a break outside Resort Guides’ office, Waitsfield, Vermont.

I didn’t like the dog I had when I was growing up. She was not a love-match. We got Nina when my brother’s dog had an unassigned hook-up with Louie. My brother had seven of these illegitimate black lab puppies. All of them got passed off to members of GMVS.

Nina just makes me happy. When we went snowshoeing behind the Bundy, she’s always ahead. She’ll be gone, then she comes back.

How does Nina help you at work? She doesn’t. She helps me play.

Nina waiting by the door...

Nina, waiting by the door…

June Anderson is the Publisher of Resort Guides. June brings Nina to work with her to her office in the Festival Gallery, in Waitsfield, Vermont. Nina is happy to see anyone who walks through the door, and is excellent at sniffing out dog treats.