June & Nina outside the Festival Gallery in Waitsfield

June Anderson & Nina take a break outside Resort Guides’ office, Waitsfield, Vermont.

I didn’t like the dog I had when I was growing up. She was not a love-match. We got Nina when my brother’s dog had an unassigned hook-up with Louie. My brother had seven of these illegitimate black lab puppies. All of them got passed off to members of GMVS.

Nina just makes me happy. When we went snowshoeing behind the Bundy, she’s always ahead. She’ll be gone, then she comes back.

How does Nina help you at work? She doesn’t. She helps me play.

Nina waiting by the door...

Nina, waiting by the door…

June Anderson is the Publisher of Resort Guides. June brings Nina to work with her to her office in the Festival Gallery, in Waitsfield, Vermont. Nina is happy to see anyone who walks through the door, and is excellent at sniffing out dog treats.

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