My name is Rebecca Silbernagel, and I’m the person behind wagmorevt.com. I live in Fayston, Vermont with my family and pack of three rescued dogs.

When I first started this blog, I modeled it after “Humans of New York” but instead offered stories about the dogs of the Mad River Valley, Vermont. Eventually, the time I spent arranging interviews became burdensome, so the blog became a place where I explored dog topics and told stories about my own dogs, with occasional interviews.

I had worked as a photographer for about ten years when I began this blog. My subjects were humans doing things as my work was covering events and student life. I also shot portraits and landscapes along the way. I have recently begun another project taking portraits of Vermont lawmakers, which will hang in the Vermont State House in January 2020. More on that soon, I promise.

Daily dog photos (and an occasional shot from my life and travels) can be found on Instagram under my username @skimor. Greeting cards featuring my dogs and other Vermont themes, as well as a collection of matted sheep prints, can be found on my Etsy shop, RSilbernagelPhoto. I also have a SmugMug site, Rebecca Silbernagel Photo, which serves as my portfolio of recent work, including landscapes and 35mm film shots.

If you see me out with my camera, please say “hello.” I usually have dog treats in my pocket… Wag on, my friends.

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