Happy Howlidays



Thank you for following the adventures of my pack and the stories of friends we’ve made along the way.  I am grateful for your support.

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I wish you the happiest of holidays and all the best in the New Year.


Rebecca Silbernagel


Tail Lights

Following the pack on a recent walk.

Following the pack on a recent walk.

Fayston, Vermont. Sunlight dances through the trees, illuminating dog tails held high on a recent walk into the magic forest.

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Rainbow Sprinkles

Linus sees a rainbow.

Linus sees a rainbow at daybreak.

Fayston, Vermont. My dogs begin each day with the excitement of Christmas morning: They burst from the back door and race into the yard to find the “presents” of smells left for them overnight. Sometimes Charlie Brown likes his gift so much that he rolls in it with joy. Those days do not feel like holidays. But sometimes, as I’m pouring my coffee while they are unwrapping their presents, I see a gift left for me: a rainbow, or a giant moon setting, or a hummingbird feeding, or maybe a plucky little forest critter who challenges Linus to a race. (The critter always wins.) On those days, my coffee always tastes a little richer. Like sprinkles on ice cream.

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Bear sighting

Marissa & Arctos (17 weeks)

Marissa & Arctos (17 weeks)

“Arctos is Latin for ‘grizzly bear.’  My boyfriend and I tried to adopt a puppy, but after like the fifth time the adoption fell through, so we went through a breeder.

He’s learning.  He’s going to be a big dog.  He’s learning the best of ways at GMVS!”

Arctos is a silver Labrador Retriever. Marissa Marleau teaches French I and Learning Services at the Green Mountain Valley School in Waitsfield.