Still a pup

I think the party's over there...

I think the party’s over there…

Fayston, Vermont. Wagmore is one! To celebrate this first anniversary, here’s a look back at some of the many wonderful dogs and their people who participated. Thank you for your continued support and sharing – and here’s to even more fun in year two!

The reluctant shepherd

Dot keeps watch on the sheep penned for shearing.

Dot watching the sheep penned for shearing.

Part 2 of 2. Fayston, Vermont.

With Nancy Phillips, who owns Windy Meadow Farm with her husband Stephen Doherty, and her three border collies, Susie, Dot, and Dahli.

I started on ducks, then a friend of mine loaned me some sheep. Then I decided we needed to have our own sheep.

Dot at work

Dot at work

The dogs really need to be around sheep all the time; even though they aren’t working sheep, it keeps them more relaxed.

My husband said, “We ain’t getting no stinking sheep,” as he’s loading them into the truck. “We’re NOT keeping these stinking sheep,” as he’s pounding in the fence. For the first couple of years, we just kept sheep. Then we discovered that to pay for the winter feed, maybe we should have some lambs. He became the shepherd. I don’t do babies, so he’s the shepherd and the midwife.

Stephen Doherty released the newly shorn sheep to the field.

Stephen Doherty released the newly shorn sheep to the field.

Nancy Phillips in the field.

Nancy Phillips in the field with Dot and the sheep.


Thank you to Nancy Phillips and Stephen Doherty and their border collies Susie, Dot & Dahli for this visit!