Runs in the family

Gwen, Odin, Zoe, and Meg at home in Waitsfield, Vermont

Gwen, Odin, Zoe, and Meg at home in Waitsfield, Vermont

Meg Lyons and her sister Gwen live in Waitsfield, Vermont with Meg’s Zoe and Gwen’s Odin.

How is this working out, with the two dogs?
They actually get along really well. They’re a little partner-in-crime-ish, in that when we come home and trash is all over, we usually know who the guilty party is, but they can both show signs of guilt.
Gwen: They get along really well.
Meg: They’re old enough now: Zoe’s 12, Odin’s 4 and a half, they’ve been together since Gwen got Odin.
Gwen: Odin was 8 months old when I got him.
Meg: They get along with all the dogs in our family. We’ve lucked out.
Gwen: Before I lived here, every time I’d come over, I’d bring him.
Meg: They sleep next to each other, take walks together,
Gwen: Raid the neighbors’ yards together,
Meg: Take snowshoe hikes together, cuddle by the fire together.

How is Zoe like your sister?

Zoe & Meg

Zoe & Meg

Gwen: Hmmm…Zoe can be stubborn, as can Meg. Meg doesn’t have selective hearing, but Zoe definitely does.
Meg: You’re entitled to selective hearing when you get older.
Gwen: Zoe’s just very matter of fact, independent, laid back. Stubborn’s a good word.
Meg: Independent, strong-willed…
Gwen: Strong-willed is definitely a good term.

Meg, now it’s your turn.

Gwen & Odin

Gwen & Odin

Meg: How does Odin resemble his mother? They both have some OCD tendencies – in a good way. He has a lot of energy and his mother does as well. They’re both very athletic.
Gwen: He’s the team mascot.
Meg: Gwen coaches lacrosse and he goes with her… He’s very good at being loyal to his mother. He needs a lot of love. They’re both adorable.

Meg, the “big sister”, and Gwen grew up with a series of dogs. Meg recalled their names: Potsy, Toby, Brownie, Snickers, Maple. In the course of our lifetime, we’ve grown up with between four or five dogs.
Gwen: We only had two at once for a short time, though… It gets a little hectic now with three dogs when we go [to our mom’s] for an overnight.

The only downside to having two dogs in the house is the dog hair – he sheds a lot. Dog hair everywhere.

One last thing: Odin displays his awesome talent! (Click on the link to view.)