Happiness Indicators, Summer

Happy Linus

Happy Linus

Mud between one’s toes = I had fun.

Mud + wet up to one’s belly = I really had fun.

Mud + wet up to the top of one’s head = I had a great time!

Mud + really wet + leaves stuck in one’s collar = that was AWESOME!!!

For the humans, remember to empty your pockets before you cannonball.

Here’s to a leaves-stuck-in-collar summer!

Images are of my dogs, Lucy, Linus, and Charlie Brown on a recent romp in the snowmaking pond, Mt. Ellen.  We adopted all three from Golden Huggs RescueShenanigans require a buddy!


Linus & Charlie Brown

One thought on “Happiness Indicators, Summer

  1. my dogs come home with leaves stuck in their collars and wear them around proudly, like a Roman hero with a crown of ivy.


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