Happy place


What if we went hiking and the woods became a magic forest, where Golden Retrievers ran wild and free?

That would be a happy hike indeed.

Last fall, my son was working to complete his college applications.  One school asked him to write an essay about his “happy place.” When discussing his ideas with me, he described a hike through a magic forest with wild Golden Retrievers. He chose another location for his essay, but Hampshire College accepted him anyway.  

Pictured above is my Lucy, in her “happy place.”  Well, pretty much everywhere is her happy place. I adopted Lucy from Golden Huggs Rescue.

Please note: The “happy place” is a fantasy.  Wagmorevt.com is NOT advocating dog abandonment. Ever. 

Where is your dog’s happy place? Please feel free to comment!

P.s.  Carol sent in these shots of Wilson the golden doodle in his “happy place.”  Thank you, Carol!

Wilson & family

Wilson & family

Wilson in a happy place. Sweet dreams!

Wilson in a happy place. Sweet dreams!

One thought on “Happy place

  1. I didn’t get the picture in the original email. Now I have it. I sent you a picture of my Goldendoodle in his happy place via separate email. I hope you got it! I love this picture of Lucy!

    Carol Flaker


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